Reaching Major Milestone in the Musical Journey TYT Musician Wins Prestigious Award


Form 4 student Lam Ka Him Martin has been recently awarded the 2nd runner-up in the Performing Artist category of the Student of the Year Awards 2022-23 hosted by South China Morning Post. His twin brother Lam Ka Kin Louis was one of the shortlisted candidates as well. With their exquisite piano skills, the two stood out amongst the other candidates and performances. Martin is even the first in TYT among all these years to earn a spot in the top three in the Performing Artist category.




4A Lam Ka Him Martin

Student of the Year

Performing Artist Category

2nd runner-up

4A Lam Ka Kin Louis

Student of the Year

Performing Artist Category



The twin brother's family with Vice Principal Tang San Keung

Congratulations to Louis (left) and Martin (right)




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