Robotics Team Won the Best Introduction Award in the 2021 Robofest Online World Championship


In March 2021, our Robotics Team won the championship in ‘Bottlesumo’ robotic competition in Hong Kong Robofest 2021. Our team was invited to represent Hong Kong for the World Championship which will be held by the Lawrence Technology University in USA. This year, all the competitions have been held online in more than twenty countries and our students have managed to shine in the field.


On the day of the competition, with multiple trials, our students won the Best Introduction Award in Senior Classic Bottlesumo with their outstanding presentation skills. During the introduction session, they introduced the components of their robot and revealed how their team name, Zinnwaldite, had been coined.


List of Winners

Online prize giving ceremony on 2nd October 2021

Our Zinnwaldite, Nick Tsang (5A), Anson Leung (6A) and Wayne Choi (5A), showed their passion for robot design and won the prize.






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