Congratulations to Grantham Scholar, our alumni Mr Pang Chak-ming (彭澤銘)

Mr Pang Chak-ming (彭澤銘) of TYT has been selected as the Grantham Scholar of The Year for outstanding academic achievement and community services in 2017-2018 school year.

The Grantham Scholarships Fund was established in 1955 under the Grantham Scholarships Fund Ordinance in order to commemorate the Governorship of Sir Alexander Grantham.  The award was introduced since 1997-1998 which aims to reward all-round students of good academic achievement with good conduct, active in extra-curricular activities and devoted to school and community services.

Award Presentation Ceremony (22 June 2018)

Mr. Cheung, the school Principal (Right) congratulates Mr Pang Chak-ming

From left to right: Mr. Cheung, Mr Pang Chak-ming and his mother



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