Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers (2018/19)


The Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers is one of a series of measures to enhance the professionalism of English teachers in Hong Kong. It aims to attract persons proficient in English to pursue relevant local bachelor degree programmes and/or teacher training programmes which will qualify them to become English teachers on graduation. The Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers is tenable for the normal duration of the intended study programmes. Upon graduation, awardees have to undertake to teach English full-time in primary or secondary schools in Hong Kong (day schools offering a formal curriculum). For awardees on undergraduate degree programmes, the duration of teaching obligation is three years.


“The Scholarship” will be open for application in August 2018. Students who are interested in “the Scholarship” have to choose a relevant study programme when applying for admission to local higher education institutions in the 2018/19 school year. The list of relevant study programmes can be found on the website of the Education Bureau (


For enrollment, please contact Ms. Lam Suet Ling by 31 July, 2018.

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